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Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

You’ve been thinking about replacing your old outdated countertops? Considering quartz countertops perhaps? wondering what the cost is? Or maybe you’re sitting on the fence between granite and quartz?

These are some of the things we want to talk about here. You’ll have a better understanding of ‘why’ and ‘if’ you should chose quartz as the new surface for your kitchen counters.

Quartz is not always the best choice for every home owner. Let’s explore further.

Quartz Countertops vs Granite

So before we start unpacking all the different items related to stone countertops, please know that every piece of stone is unique. Whether manmade or natural, they can all bring their own style to your home. A classic, elegant or sophisticated look and feel for your kitchen. Actually, to any room in the house for that matter! A new bathroom, basement bartop, powder room etc. Anything that requires a surface material.

Quartz Countertop Brands

How many types of quartz stones are there? A lot actually. They’re not all created equal of course, but it helps to understand the different quartz countertop brands that exists out there. Some are manufactured in the United States such as Cambria, and others over seas, such as Silestone, manufactured in Spain.

If supporting our local economy is important to you, these are things you can take into consideration when deciding which countertop material to choose for your kitchen.

I think the best way to help you visualize how these products could look in your kitchen, is by giving you a few facts about each, as they all have unique features, attributes and colors that make them special. We carry the highest quality brands in quartz stones in the industry.

  • Cambria
  • Silestone
  • Zodiaq
  • Caesarstone
  • LG Viatera
  • Q Quartz by MSI


Q Quartz Countertops by MSI

One of the most affordable quartz materials out there.

Cambria Countertops

Cambria as mentioned above is an American company and directly supports the US economy by manufacturing their quartz products here at home.

However, Cambria countertops typically cost more. They have beautiful colors, patterns that can rival the most unique natural granite slabs.

Silestone Countertops by Cosentino


Zodiaq Countertops by Dupont


Caesarstone Countertops


Viatera Countertops by LG




Had an outstanding experience with Dulles Granite. Working with Juan to pick out quartz countertops for both bath and kitchen was very pleasant. Installers did a wonderful job. Very pleased and highly recommend!!!!


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