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Official Guide To Buying Quartz Countertops

There are a lot of benefits to investing in quartz countertops. However, because there’s so many different kinds, choosing the right style and color for your home can be a little difficult. If you’re interested in incorporating quartz into your home, but you’re just not sure what all your options are, then take advantage of this easy-to-use guide.

Why should you choose quartz?

Before you start exploring all your options, it’s best to have a good understanding of what quartz is, and why it’s such a popular choice among homeowners. Quartz is an engineered product and is made by compressing thousands of little pebbles together with other man-made materials and a really tough resin. During this process, the coloring is also added to give the quartz its gorgeous look.

Quartz is the one of the most popular materials on the market right now, and there’s many reasons for this. First, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed like granite and marble. Second, quart will not stain, scratch, and the rock itself is extremely durable. Lastly, quartz is available in a wide array of colors, designs, and patterns. Quartz really is a remarkable material.

The different brands that manufacture quartz countertops

There are quite a few different brands out there that all engineer quartz countertops. Some brands produce thinner quartz slabs while other make thicker ones. The same goes with the designs, the edges, and the vast array of colors. If you’re unsure what kind of quartz you want, it’s best to get familiar with the most popular brands and what the kinds of quartz slabs they produce. By doing this, you’ll have an easier time finding the right kind of quartz for your home. The most common brands on the market today include:

Cambria Quartz Countertops

Cambria is a fairly new company that produces top-of-the-line quartz countertops. They’re known for engineering the most natural looking quartz patterns on the market. In addition to this, Cambria also makes extremely large slabs for bigger projects and plus-sized homes. Last but not lease, the slabs you purchase from Cambria have one of the nicest finishes out of all the quartz countertops sold today. If you’re interested in purchasing a slab from Cambria, you’ll more than likely have to go to your local showrooms or purchase them through bed and bath dealers. All Cambria countertops come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Caesarstone Quartz Countertops

Caesarstone is known for engineering some of the hottest designs in the quartz countertop industry. In fact, their Concetto Collection has been extremely popular with homeowners in recent years. The collection offers their customers ten different surfaces each made with unique stones. Some of the stones these countertops are made with include petrified wood, dumortierite, agate, and tiger’s eye. If you’re into something a little more wild, their Motivo Collection features countertops with lace textures and crocodile skin designs. All Caesarstone countertops are backed up by a 10-year warranty.

Silestone Quartz Countertops

Homeowners interested in very bright, solid colors will want to check out all the products that Silestone has to offer. Their countertops are very pleasing to the eye, and they are available in a wide selection of colors all at an affordable price.

The thing that homeowners really like about Silestone countertops is their natural appearance. These countertops look more natural than most other brands sold in stores. Let’s face it. Nobody wants generic-looking countertops, and when you invest in Silestone, you’ll enjoy a natural, elegant look for several years to come.

Silestone currently has three different series, Zen, Mythology, and Stellar. These three series includes colors like rare shades of blue, reds, greens, and even oranges. The best part? Silestone makes matching shower pans, vanities, sinks, and backsplashes too. This will help you successfully color coordinate your kitchen or bathroom.

When you choose Silestone quartz countertops, you can feel comfortable knowing that every slab you purchase is backed up by a limited 25-year warranty. The warranty is even transferable to subsequent homeowners.

Zodiaq Quartz Countertops

Zodiaq makes all their quartz countertops using pure quartz crystals. These crystals create a beautiful surface that’s tough, durable, and even certified by GREENGUARD for its low-emitting qualities. To add to this, Zodiaq quartz countertops come in an enormous selection of colors including alpha brown, autumn light, calm springs, black forest, and argo green just to name a few. All Zodiaq countertops also come with a 10-year limited warranty.

LG Viatera Countertops

LG Viatera is a company that not only offers several vibrant colors, but they also provide their customers with a wide array of different shaped edges. In fact, they offer one of the largest selections of edges out of all the companies on the market. Some of the stylish edges available include: 

  • Ellipse: a simple rounded edge
  • Eased: a square edge
  • Bevel: a two-sided edge available in three different variations
  • Ogee: a flat and rounded edge available in three different variations
  • Triple pensile: three rounded edges

The right edge can really make your quartz countertops stand out and add that something special to the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom. It really is that important. When you purchase a countertop from LG Viatera, you’ll receive a 15-year limited warranty for your protection.

Q Quartz by MSI

If you’re interested in true luxury, then you’ll want to think about investing in Q quartz countertops by MSI. These countertops are made using the perfect combination of both natural and engineered materials for a superior appearance. With over 60 different colors to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the right shade for your home. They’re durable, scratch resistant, heat resistant, and come with a lifetime limited warranty.

How to decide between brands and colors

For anyone still having trouble deciding on what brand or color to go with, utilize the easy tips. The first tip is to inspect the color consistency in the slabs. Color consistency is the way the color moves through the quartz. The color consistency of high-quality quartz will equally travel through the entire slab. Inspect the underside and the edges to see if the color consistency runs all the way through. If so, you know that it’s premium quartz.

The second tip is to really inspect the edge of the slab of quartz. Like just mentioned, make sure the color has traveled all the way through, but even more importantly, examine the edges to see if the particulates, the man-made particles added to the quartz and binder, are evenly spread throughout the slab as well. If the particulates are settled at either the upper or lower portion of the slab, it’s probably a low-quality piece of quartz. They should be spread evenly.

Another thing you should examine is the glossy shine of the slab. To do this, look at the slab at an angle and in the light. Make sure the glossy finish is consistent throughout the entire slab. This includes the underside and all four corners too. Although this may not seem like a big issue, it really is. You’ll definitely notice the inconsistency of the polish when the sun shines through the window and hits the surface of your countertop.

The third tip is to spend the extra money and go with a quality brand name countertop in comparison to a generic or cheaper brand. Why might you ask? Higher quality brands use premium resins consistently in their countertops. Generic brands on the other hand tend to mix in lower-grade resins. By using lower-grade resins, the countertop has a higher chance of being chipped, cracked, or suffering other forms of manufacture defects.

The last tip is to check out the warranty. Make sure you fully read it and see what it really covers. If the product is really that great, the company will stand behind it, and as you can see from the brands listed above, the best ones do. You should never purchase a countertop that doesn’t come with some kind of warranty. It’s just not a very smart move.

Final Thought

Incorporating quartz countertops into your home is an investment that’ll have for several years to come. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you choose the right brand, color, and design for your personal needs and tastes. A lot of homeowners these days are hiring fabricators. A skilled fabricator will not only help you choose a quality slab, they’ll help you choose the right color and design for that elegant, seamless look that everyone wants. Hiring a fabricator is definitely a wise choice and worth the money.

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