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5 Creative Ways To Repurpose Granite Or Quartz Countertops

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Granite and quartz are extremely durable materials, and they make beautiful countertops. If you’re looking to add some granite or quartz to your home, one way to do this is to repurpose existing countertops, either as a new countertop or as a new piece of furniture.

In this article, we look at some of the best ways to repurpose granite and quartz countertops.

As a general rule, granite and quartz countertops can be repurposed into several useful items including kitchen islands, cutting boards, tabletops, a backsplash, shelves or bookends. Granite countertops can also be repurposed for use outside as a bench, water feature, steppingstones, or a path.

If you don’t want to repurpose your granite or quartz countertop, you can donate it to charity or resell it. We’ll look at all these options below.

a worker repurposing a piece of granite by cutting it with a diamond electric saw

5 Creative ways to repurpose a quartz or granite countertop

Granite and quartz are extremely heavy and can crack easily when being moved. They also require specialist tools to cut and shape. If you plan to do any of the projects below, speak to a local fabricator who will be able to cut and polish the material to size and, in some cases, fit it for you.

1. Make a decorative accessory

Trinket trays, serving platters and candle holders can all be made from granite or quartz countertops. Making smaller items is a great idea if you have offcuts of countertops or if your countertop has been significantly damaged and not all of it is reusable.

repurposing old granite or quartz countertops into a cutting board for the kitchen

2. Create a beautiful desk

A quartz or granite topped desk would look stunning and is the perfect way to repurpose a large slab of stone from a kitchen island. Unlike wood, granite and quartz are not as susceptible to discoloration, stains from hot drinks, and warping. The timeless quality of quartz and granite mean that it’s ideal for both classic and more modern office designs.

3. Add a stylish feature to your garden

Although quartz shouldn’t be used outside in direct sunlight (due to UV rays discoloring the stone), quartz can be used in sheltered outdoor areas. An outdoor quartz countertop in a covered outdoor kitchen, gazebo or patio lounge can last for years, provided it’s out of direct sunlight.

Granite countertops can be repurposed into a multitude of outdoor features – from patios and crazy paving pathways to water features. Bear in mind that any natural stone that has been treated with resin can be damaged by direct sunlight. So although a repurposed granite worktop should hold up better outside compared to quartz (as the natural stone content is higher) it can still be faded or darkened by the sun.

a patio with granite remnants and brooms cleaning dirt

4. Upgrade your bathroom

Bathroom countertops tend to be much smaller than those in a kitchen, so this means your old granite or quartz kitchen countertops can go a long way to refurbishing your bathroom. Granite and quartz countertops look wonderful as vanity unit or shelving.

As long as your kitchen countertop is larger than the countertop you want in your bathroom, you’ll be able to cut it down to size. If you want a vanity unit top that’s larger than the piece of granite or quartz you have then this could be a problem, as trying to fit smaller pieces of countertop together to make a new slab is not going to look great because the pattern won’t match and will have multiple seams.

Even if the piece of countertop you have has a sink cut-out in it, you could still use it in your bathroom, provided that the bathroom sink fits the cut-out perfectly. Considering how much granite and quartz cost, it’s worth speaking to an expert fitter to see if they can help you repurpose a countertop for use in your bathroom.

You’ll need to make sure your granite countertop is properly sealed when using it in a bathroom, as the constant damp environment could cause the stone to weaken. Quartz doesn’t need sealing, so may be a better choice for the bathroom.

5. Create a kitchen island

Adding a smart slab of granite or quartz to a table, kitchen cart or butchers block is a great way to repurpose a countertop. If you’re replacing your existing quartz or granite countertops, then you could use a section of your old counter to make a stunning kitchen island. Your new countertop won’t necessarily need to match the granite or quartz on the island either, as it will be a separate feature.

As granite and quartz are so heavy, you’ll need to make sure the base you choose is strong enough to take the weight of the material. You’ll also need to make sure it’s properly secured to the base. Always ask a professional fabricator for advice if you’re unsure how to repurpose your quartz or granite countertop.

There are other ways you can ensure your old kitchen countertop is repurposed, read on to find out more.

Can I donate old granite or quartz countertops?

You can donate your old granite quartz or countertops to certain charities that accept construction materials. Quartz and granite are extremely expensive, so charities welcome the chance to sell them on to generate donations or to use in renovation projects for their clients.

One of the best known charities that accepts building materials is Habitat for Humanity, a charity that uses unwanted building supplies to help families improve their homes. The charity operates in all 50 states and some branches offer a collection service.

If you check locally, you’ll probably find other charities that accept construction materials such as granite and quartz countertops. Renovation Angels is a charity operating in the East, South, West and Midwest, and Forklift Community renovates building materials in the DC area.

Listings sites such as Freecycle, Craigslist and Gumtree are also worth trying if you want to donate your countertops. All three offer free listings and, on Gumtree and Craigslist, you can sell your granite and quartz countertops.

Can I resell my old granite or quartz countertops at a discount?

As quartz and granite are so expensive, it makes sense to resell them to recoup some of your expenses. They are extremely popular building materials so selling them on should be relatively easy. Try listing sites such as Gumtree and Craigslist, as well as Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

You’ll probably want to list them for local collection, as the postage for such heavy items will be incredibly expensive. List the measurements and a rough idea of the weight of the countertops so whoever buys it can plan how they’ll transport it home.

Granite and quartz countertops need to be transported on an A-frame on a flatbed. It’s not a good idea to transport them horizontally as the stone will be more likely to break.

How much money you make from selling on your countertops will depend on the size, style, and condition. Take lots of photos of the countertop to include in the advert and be honest about any damage.

You can find out more ways to recycle and repurpose granite countertops with our article on How To Dispose Of Old Granite Countertops?

If you have any questions about repurposing a piece of granite or quartz countertop, or if you’re interested in buying a remnant for your latest project, speak to the experts at Dulles Granite (AKA “us”).

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