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Granite Countertops And Kitchen Designs For 2019

kitchen with brown cabinetry and cream color quartz countertops and large tile floors
Beautiful kitchen showcasing MSI’s Q Quartz countertops color Calico White™

The kitchen countertop is without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of any kitchen. Over the years, we’ve seen styles change as homeowners, as well as commercial establishments, seek the perfect look. Today, homeowners have a countless selection of styles, materials, sizes, and finishes from which to choose. They get to decide between everything from marble and granite to quartz and Soapstone.

Granite countertops

Step into any modern kitchen and the most sought-after material for the kitchen countertop is granite. It is popular for its high resistance to cracking and chipping and is often cited as the most durable natural material available. Granite has been a favorite material for kitchen countertops, especially among homeowners seeking a strong, good-looking and durable natural rock. You can forget about spills that are tough to wipe away, cut your fruits and vegetables right on the surface without damage and place your hotpots directly on the countertop. It maintains a high ranking on the list of trendy kitchen countertops and for a good reason.


Each granite slab is unique as the stone is mined from the earth before being cut into individual slabs. The natural beauty of each stone speaks for itself and there’s no way to duplicate the beauty of an individual slab. Granite also offers a broad array of colors to choose from and are available in rich and elegant textures. The range of colors makes it easy to find something that suits your décor, including walls, flooring and cabinets. They’re often the focal point of the kitchen and can visually transform your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Value for Money

In addition to being a classic choice, granite is timeless and appreciated by many as a great investment, not to mention, a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Installing a granite countertop adds a luxurious feel to the kitchen and often increases the aesthetic value of the house. Granite has been around for quite some time and is still here to stay. Thanks to their stunning durability, granite countertops can maintain their beautiful look for years.

Tough and Rugged

Your kitchen countertop is probably one of the busiest surfaces in your home. You will use it as a temporary desk, cutting board, hot pad, snack bar and food preparation surface. Given the numerous uses, you need a surface that can withstand the torture. Here’s where granite comes in. it’s a tough material that is scratch resistant and will rarely get damaged by heat. Even after a decade of usage, you can hardly tell the age of granite.

Stain and Liquid Resistant

Properly sealed granite will handle liquid and stains properly. You won’t need to scrub hard to keep your kitchen countertop spotless. A mild detergent and warm water will keep your granite countertop squeaky clean.


Granite is also a highly versatile material. It can be molded into various shapes and styles to suit your unique preferences. Black granite is becoming a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. Granite has been a long favorite for kitchen surfaces, but recent trends show a massive move towards darker shades. The dark colors like dark grays, dark browns and black easily complement most if not all color schemes, from big bold colors to stark whites.

Kitchen designs for 2019

When it comes to overall interior design, trends show that the kitchen assumes a more central role today than ever before. It is where we spend quality time with family and guests while preparing meals and sharing a few drinks. Changing social dynamics and modern technology have greatly contributed to the rise of today’s modern kitchen. As with most modern design trends, clean and simple designs tend to stand out with natural light becoming a critical aspect of the kitchen’s overall look and function. Nonetheless, here are a few trends you’re likely to see dominate the world of kitchen design in 2019.

Minimalist Designs

Experts have it that kitchens are going to be stripped back a little in 2019. The idea is to declutter the kitchen so that other permanent materials in this zone can stand out. Expect to see clean countertops and a bigger appreciation of base materials, so the thick countertops we’ve become so used to are surprisingly going to be out.

People want to come home to a stress-free zone where they can kick back and unwind after a tough day. Getting rid of upper wall cabinets, for example, has gained popularity as it enhances the visual space making the kitchen look brighter and larger. And for those who desire added space, open shelves will do the trick.

It’s easy to assume that minimalist means boring. Well, there’s nothing further from the truth. Consider materials with texture. If you opt for open shelves, try metal tubing to bring in an industrial look and rough-cut wood for more of the natural elements. You may even consider wooden beams or trays for your ceiling. These innovative and trendy textures are far from the usual polished and glossy textures we see in every kitchen.

This shift towards visually minimalistic and calm designs ties in nicely to most overall home design trends that will carry the day.

Dark Bold Colors

One of the most significant trends you’re going to see in kitchens in 2019 is dark coloring. So, kitchens will be more subdued and less busty. All the dark contrasts are being removed to make way for darker accents and timbers. To create an aesthetic balance, glass will be a more prominent feature. You’re going to see more glass in pendant lights, and cabinet doors with glass fronts.

New accent colors will complement the darker timbers to reflect nature. You’re likely to see colors such as burnt orange and muddy blue as well as smaller doses of dust sky blue and chalky white. These colors add a twist to the whole experience and create a pleasant visual background for the numerous kitchen activities.

This does not mean that colors such as white, which help to diffuse natural light are totally out. These brighter colors may still play a role in numerous kitchens is in 2019, either on some walls or in cabinetry. Splashes of color are finding their way onto countertops by way of design elements like flowers and vases, and to kitchen walls via paint. So, colors such as white may still stick around, but only as complements to the big bold colors coming in by way of paint and design.

Matte Appliances

The dark matte texture has been in the motor industry for quite a while now and conjures up images of modern supercars. We’ve started to see this texture appear in the kitchen and 2019 will see more of this trend. Shiny black panels, previously associated with class and elegance, fall out of favor as more futuristic matte surfaces become the new norm. The dark matte finish inherently minimizes the appearance of dirt and fingerprints and also blends well with other kitchen materials.

Mixed Metals

After choosing the countertop, cabinet, backsplash and wall colors, people are opting for mixed metal accents. These metallic accents are being used for fixtures such as faucets, taps or cabinet handles and are a great way to add visual interest. Mixing metals such as copper and gold or bronze and brass creates depth, complimenting darker toned countertops or lighter colored cabinets quite seamlessly. These mixed metals give off a vintage, yet classy vibe without having to overspend.

Open Shelving

Why hide away your most beautiful dishware when they can be great works of art? 2019 will have more homeowners showcase their most attractive dishware as kitchen décor. Installing wall racks and shelves where traditional cabinets would be found creates a tremendous opportunity to infuse the kitchen with some artistic touch. Try breaking the monotony of traditional cabinetry by displaying the beautiful plates and glasses you’ve stacked away in hidden cabinets – preferably those you use most often.

Integrated Sinks

As everything else is getting modern upgrades, so are the kitchen sinks. The integrated sink is one such upgrade where the sink is made from the same material as the countertop, allowing the two to blend seamlessly. Some designers have taken it up a notch by integrating several components into the sink including integrated pot holders and coasters, ice buckets, removable cutting boards and more. That means you can have a multifunctional trough that can be used for anything from chilling a bottle of wine to as a traditional sink where you can prepare food. The lack of breaks makes it difficult for food remains and dirty water to get stuck between the sink and the countertop. That allows for a simple wipe down of your work area and makes maintenance a breeze.

Smart Kitchens

Technology has ushered in an age of the smart kitchen. This is not an entirely new trend but 2019 will mark an era of integrating technology into a broad range of kitchen functions and appliances- from the lighting and fridge to the kitchen sinks. These smart kitchens represent the evolution of design. You’ll see kitchens built smart from the ground up. For remodeling projects, smart gadgets, sensors and other gadgets can be added for your own convenience.

Common technological integrations include one-touch kitchen faucets that come on automatically with a single touch. There are also coffee makers you can preprogramme to have your coffee ready when you’re up for breakfast or a refrigerator that can alert you when you’re running low on milk. Appliances such as steam ovens and French door wall ovens are also becoming must-have appliances. In addition to being trendy and stylish, they can come with Bluetooth and wi-fi capabilities allowing you to control oven functions remotely from your handheld device. Stuck in a meeting, worry no more.

Technology integrated kitchens will be gaining much more traction going into 2019. These futuristic gadgets will also blend in seamlessly with more appliances being integrated into work surfaces. It’s all about creating a kitchen that looks and feels streamlined. Moving benchtops will become a thing, while integrated music and smart lighting are going to become more prevalent.

Patterned Flooring

People are going with patterned floors as a way to incorporate yet another layer of customization and create a space with its own identity. Be sure to choose a pattern that you and your family can connect with naturally. Consider how the pattern ties in with other elements of your décor or the pattern’s origin. If you choose to go with a bold pattern, for example, give it room to remain special by toning down on other layers within the space.

Effective Cabinetry

One of the fundamental qualities of a functional kitchen design is effective kitchen storage. To counter the challenges of ineffective and inadequate storage, kitchen designers are finding better solutions in kitchen cabinetry. These include tray dividers, drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, caddies for pots and pans, roll out trays and/ or deep drawers. These creative designs make it easier to store drinks, foods and other small appliances.

The New Kitchen Hub

Kitchen islands have evolved from the small centerpiece you would have a hard time squeezing into a space to become the hub and focal point of the kitchen. The new kitchen island is larger and serves multiple purposes, especially since modern kitchen designs have less wall cabinet space. The island is crafted to make an impact and assert its position as a rudimentary element of design. They will serve as seating-serving spots and have electrical outlets for charging your devices. These multi-functional islands will also be fitted with under counter appliances and have storage cabinets without taking up all the space in the kitchen.

Maximizing light

In the spirit of optimism, accessibility and openness modern kitchen designs hinge on the kitchen as a place where the family gathers, filled with light and providing a connection between the adjacent outdoor garden, pool or terraces. Huge windows help to let the light in and custom lighting can be installed above the island, for example, to enhance the kitchen’s interior placement.

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