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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my new kitchen countertops cost?

We’d love to give you a straight answer here, but we need to know a few things before we do. For instance the square footage of your counters, whether you’ll want a backsplash or not, which type of material (e.g. quartz or granite), etc. We’re happy to provide you with our Free Estimate anytime.

Why do I need a seam in my counters?

This again depends on several different factors that our team takes into consideration when planning your counters. For example, the access to your kitchen, size of slab, material color and movement, transportation, safety, and/or other limitations. We will discuss all of this prior to doing anything, so don’t worry.

Will I see the seam or seams in my counters?

Yes you will. Seams unfortunately are not meant to be invisible, but instead are meant to be unobtrusive. Let us show you a visual representation of what you can expect. Here are two different seams we’ve done recently, what do you think?

Do you offer discounted remnant pieces?

We sure do! If you have a smaller project such as a bathroom vanity or bartop, we have plenty of remnants to choose from. We do recommend visiting our showroom to pick that one you like. These are first-come-first-served.



Had an outstanding experience with Dulles Granite. Working with Juan to pick out quartz countertops for both bath and kitchen was very pleasant. Installers did a wonderful job. Very pleased and highly recommend!!!!


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