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Things to Consider Before Investing in White Quartz Countertops

Remodeling can be an exciting time, but it can also be one filled with decisions. Things like durability, maintenance, price, and color schemes naturally come to mind when deciding what materials to invest in. While you want to make sure the products look good, you also want to make sure that they’re durable and won’t hurt your bank account. If you’re currently in the market for white quartz countertops, or you think you may be in the future, here are a few things to consider beforehand.

Are white quartz countertops durable?

Determining how much maintenance will be needed is an essential element for most people when deciding what materials to purchase for home renovations. A key concern that comes up often is whether or not the material is stain resistant.

White quartz countertops make an excellent addition to kitchens and bathrooms, and there are a few reasons why. Quartz is composed of about 7% resin, making it non-porous and stain resistant. If you have a child that spills things frequently, or you’re an avid cook in need of a stain resistant prep space, white quartz countertops are an excellent choice.

Additionally, quartz countertops are perfect for high traffic bathrooms due to its antibacterial properties and can come in handy for that unsightly toothpaste residue kids tend to leave behind. White quartz countertops are not ideal for outdoor environments due to fading and discoloration with prolonged exposure to sunlight and are heat resistant up to about 300 degrees. One thing to note about white quartz countertops is that while they are generally heat resistant, extremely hot temperatures can cause the quartz to crack, so be careful not to place hot objects directly onto the surface for long periods of time. Also, because quartz is one of the hardest materials on earth, you don’t have to worry about leaving dents behind when chopping up your meat and veggies during food prep. However, the hardness of the quartz can damage your knives.

Are white quartz countertops maintenance heavy?

White quartz countertops are very easy to maintain and can last a very long time. Taking a few moments to wipe down your white quartz countertops regularly can ensure that they remain as flawless as possible for as long as possible. Luckily, white quartz countertops are easy to clean and can be accomplished with products most people keep around the house. No special cleaning solutions are necessary; all you’ll need is a wet cloth, warm water, and a small amount of dish detergent to get the job done. It is recommended to wipe down your white quartz countertop at least once a day to keep it spotless.  Harsh chemicals can damage the surface of the white quartz countertops, so it’s best to avoid them.

Are white quartz countertops expensive?

If you’re interested in the cost of quartz countertops, you’ll be happy to know they are fairly inexpensive. However, don’t confuse its low cost with low quality. The low cost relies largely on how it’s engineered. Quartz countertops are man-made and engineered using crushed stone that is suspended in resin and polymers. This results in a luxury appearance that is comparable to marble but available at a lower cost. White quartz countertops are practical for placement in both kitchens and bathrooms.

What are the best brands?

When it comes to shopping for your white quartz countertops, it’s important to know which brands are best. Here are a few brands you should consider.

Q Quartz by MIS

Q Quartz by MIS is an affordable option that still maintains the elegance found in more expensive brands. Boasting over 60 stains, heat, and scratch resistant options, Q Premium Natural Quartz is a perfect addition to your home or commercial space.


Zodiaq quartz is known for its durability. Made with 93% quartz, Zodiaq is an optimum choice for those looking for countertops that will last.


Silestone is a world leader in quartz countertops. Silestone offers three textures; polished, suede, and volcano, providing for endless possibilities for your new countertop.


Cambria is one of the most popular quartz brands out there. As an American company, Cambria Countertops directly supports the American economy while providing unparalleled quality and design options. Cambria quartz is a little higher on the price scale than other brands.

LG Viatera

LG Viatera Quartz is known for its versatility and durability due to its wide array of styles inspired by life and nature.


Caesarstone is a pioneer in the natural quartz surfaces market. Known for their innovation and excellent craftsmanship, Caesarstone is a trendsetter in the industry.

What should I expect during installation?

Once you have selected your new white quartz countertop and have scheduled an installation date, you can begin to prepare your home for the installation. You’ll want to clean off existing countertops and make a clear path to the area your new countertop will be installed. Additionally, you may not have use of that room for 24-48 hours, so if your countertops will be installed in a place like a kitchen or a bathroom, you should make other arrangements for that time period. You may need to wait at least 24 hours before reconnecting plumbing to the remodeled area. This is important because it allows everything to dry. Also, if you’re planning on getting cabinet work done, you need to have that done before your new countertop is measured and installed. Once your installation is complete, any sinks will be remounted and clean up will begin. Once everything is complete, you will able to view your sparkling new addition.

What wall colors look best with white quartz countertops?

If you’ve decided to go forward with white quartz countertops, you’re probably interested in what colors go well with them. Design is probably one of the most important aspects of any home improvement project and ensuring your new countertops match your existing or planned color schemes is an important part of the design process.

When it comes to wall color, if your existing paint just doesn’t make your brand new countertops pop, you may want to consider a do it yourself paint job. Earth tones such as beige, tan, brown and green will complement your white countertops well. Additionally, introducing various shades of a neutral color like beige can add some depth to lighter shades of paint.

If you’re interested in taking a more dramatic approach, bold colors like blue, red, and black also compliment white quartz countertops nicely. Additionally, implementing patterns in sections of your wall can help to make your countertops stand out.

What cabinet colors go well with white quartz countertops?

The next thing to consider is what color cabinets will look best with your new countertops. When it comes to cabinet colors, it may be best to keep it simple. Popular colors for cabinets include white, black, deep blue, earth green, and slate grey. Colors that are neutral and match anything will pretty much do the trick and can make your kitchen or bathroom look brand new.

There are an array of options available to you when choosing materials for your new countertops.  What makes white quartz countertops unique is its ability to blend seamlessly with existing color schemes, the durability found within all quartz countertops, and an air of elegance found in more expensive options, but at an affordable price.

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